Lovegrass Music Festival Association, Inc., more commonly known as Lovegrass Music Festival, Lovegrass, or LMFA, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 


The specific purpose of Lovegrass Music Festival Association (LMFA) is to bring arts to a rural community, enhance the quality of life through cultural experiences, build partnerships with other entities, and to create substantial economic impact to North Central Kansas by hosting an annual free music festival.

Lovegrass Music Festival Association began as a simple idea and in 2016 the first festival was held at beautiful Wilson State Park.  Each year on the second weekend in August, music lovers flock to rural North Central Kansas to enjoy a completely FREE music festival which would cost them hundreds to attend anywhere else.   The festival continues to grow each year and brings attendees and bluegrass musicians from all over the Midwest to beautiful Russell County, Kansas. 

Each year it is a struggle to raise the funds necessary to host such an event. However, due to the tremendous support of local agencies, businesses, and individuals coupled with the diligent efforts of our volunteer board of directors and committee, the event always becomes a memorable reality, and a pure grassroots extravaganza, 

That's a little bit about us. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing world class entertainment for those adventurous souls who wander up to North Central Kansas.